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Given the high value of aircraft and the potential for significant liability arising from mechanical errors or accidents, mechanic’s liability insurance is crucial. Our years of experience in the industry allow you to fly stress-free knowing that you’re covered with the lowest possible premiums combined with top-of-the-line customer support.

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Do you need coverage for yourself or mechanics in your employ? Look no further than Avion Insurance. Our team of industry experts is here to offer a comprehensive mechanic’s insurance policy at some of the industry’s most competitive rates. We’re here to make sure that you’re fully covered for anything that may come your way so that you’re prepared to fly with comfort and peace of mind.

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What does mechanic’s insurance cover?

Mechanic’s aviation insurance is a specialized type of insurance coverage designed specifically for aircraft mechanics and maintenance professionals. This insurance addresses the unique risks and liabilities associated with the maintenance and repair of aircraft. The following are some of the key things covered by mechanic’s insurance.

Liability Coverage

One of the primary components of this insurance is liability coverage. It protects mechanics in case their work on an aircraft leads to an incident or accident, covering legal defense costs and any resulting damages or settlements.

Professional Liability

This covers errors and omissions made by the mechanic during their work. If a mistake in maintenance or repair contributes to an aircraft malfunction or accident, this insurance can help cover the associated costs.

Property Damage

This insurance can cover damage to the mechanic’s own tools and equipment, as well as any damage to the aircraft they are working on or other property at the worksite.

Bodily Injury

If the mechanic’s work leads to the injury of others, such as passengers or crew, the policy can cover medical expenses and related claims.

Ground Risk

Ground risk covers risks associated with the aircraft while it is on the ground and not in operation, particularly when it is under the mechanic’s care.

Hangar Keeper’s Liability

For mechanics who operate out of a hangar, this insurance covers liability for damage to aircraft stored in their hangar.

Personal Injury Protection

This might include coverage for injuries the mechanic suffers while on the job.

Environmental and Pollution Liability

Given the potential for environmental damage in aviation maintenance (like fuel spills), some policies include coverage for this.

Completed Operations Coverage

This coverage protects against claims arising from work that has been completed but later causes an issue or damage.

Workers’ Compensation

For employed mechanics, workers’ compensation insurance provides coverage for job-related injuries or illnesses.

How much mechanic’s liability insurance do you need?

Two mechanics is working with civil airplane

Determining the appropriate amount of mechanic’s liability insurance requires considering several factors specific to your situation and the risks involved in your work. These factors can include the value of the aircraft under repair, the number and salaries of mechanics involved, and the risk involved in the repairs.

Who needs mechanic’s liability insurance?

Mechanics who work on aircraft or anyone employing mechanics to work on aircraft need insurance coverage for coverage in the course of performing work duties. Repairing an aircraft may come with some risk to the mechanic, other people, the aircraft, and other property. If you may be held liable for injuries to people or damage to property in the course of aircraft repair, you’ll need an insurance policy to cover it.

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We are honored to represent every A rated Aviation Insurance underwriter in the industry, as well as Lloyds of London and worldwide reinsurers. With our experts looking at every option for your specific situation, you can’t find a better price anywhere else.

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