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General Liability & Hangarkeeper’s Insurance

Don’t get caught uninsured or under-insured with aircraft in your hangar. Store aircraft and equipment in your hangars without the added stress of potential damage, vandalism, or theft. We work with every underwriter in the industry to get you the most comprehensive policies at the lowest rates.

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What is general liability & hangarkeeper’s insurance?

plane boeing 747 in the hangar an airport General liability & hangarkeeper’s insurance are two different types of insurance. General liability may include hangarkeeper’s insurance, or hangarkeeper’s insurance may be a separate insurance policy.

What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance, or public liability insurance, is a type of aviation insurance policy that covers damage to third-party property and injuries to people who aren’t associated with you (i.e. passengers, crew, employees, etc.). Depending on your insurance company and policy, hangarkeeper’s insurance may be included.

What is hangarkeeper’s insurance?

Hangarkeeper’s insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover the costs of any damage to property under your care that belongs to others. This can include physical damage to aircraft that are stored within your hangar or undergoing repairs, loss of use, market value reduction, and even your liability when it comes to moving, refueling, or repairing any aircraft stored in your hangar.

What is the difference between general liability insurance and hangarkeeper’s insurance?

General or public liability insurance is a broader type of insurance. This kind of insurance policy can cover any kind of damage or injury to third parties, whether the property or people are under your care or not. Hangarkeeper’s insurance is more specific to property under your care, such as aircraft under repair or hangared with you. Some general liability insurance policies may include hangarkeeper’s insurance.

Who needs general liability insurance?

Aircraft general liability insurance is a must for anyone who could be held liable for damage or injuries caused by the aircraft. This could include aircraft owners and operators as well as hangarkeepers who may need to move an aircraft.

Who needs hangarkeeper’s insurance?

Hangarkeeper’s insurance is more specifically targeted to those who own and keep hangars where aircraft are stored and repaired.

Fixed base operators

FBOs will need insurance to cover any aircraft stored or repaired there.

Avionics shops

Shops producing aviation electronics will need insurance to cover product liability.

Hangar owners

Hangar owners should have insurance covering the aircraft hangaring on their property.

Airport authorities & municipalities

Airport authorities will need insurance covering any aircraft on their property.

Aircraft detailers

Aircraft detailers will need coverage for any aircraft that they work on.

What does hangarkeeper’s insurance cover?

Hangarkeeper’s insurance policies are meant to protect those who own hangars and work on aircraft from any liability for damages to the aircraft under their care.
Man examining jet

Protect against

Physical damage to aircraft

Cover yourself and your team from liability while moving, fueling, or repairing a stored aircraft under your control. Mistakes and accidents can happen on the job, so protect yourself from a large payout in the case of one.

Protect against

Diminuation of value

Once an aircraft has been involved in an accident, its market value may drop exponentially. This liability will often fall on the hangarkeeper that caused the damage. Our hangarkeeper’s liability insurance will help offset this loss in value depending on a series of events that will help determine how much is to be paid out.
Jet in hangar
Jet going into hangar

Protect against

Loss of use

If an aircraft is damaged under your care and must be repaired to be usable again, you’ll be seen as liable for covering the cost of replacing the aircraft while the repairs are taking place. The aircraft owner may need to charter a private plane for an extended period of time while their aircraft is being repaired. Our hangarkeeper’s insurance will help offset this cost for you.

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We work with every underwriter in the industry

We are honored to represent every A rated Aviation Insurance underwriter in the industry, as well as Lloyds of London and worldwide reinsurers. With our experts looking at every option for your specific situation, you can’t find a better price anywhere else.

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