The Uber for Private Jets Is Here

Aug 28, 2015
The world’s largest taxi company in the world is Uber. The best part of their business model is that they don’t own a single vehicle. With an app you can access affordable rides from almost every part of the world. A group of investors saw this massive growth and created a very similar service with the JetSmarter app.

JetSmarter for Business Travelers

Prior to the recession most companies and businesses would pool their finances to own a fraction of a jet. Many companies operated on this flying timeshare, placing resources into managing these ownership groups. JetSmarter has taken the market of corporate cost-cutting measures along and coupled it with advancements in technology that allow business travelers to fly on empty legs, which are flights without travelers usually on their way to pick somebody up.

Membership-Based Service

JetSmarter requires an annual member’s fee that seems a pittance to frequent travelers that have become dissatisfied with commercial flying. When a customer pays for their $9,000 membership they have access to over 35,000 hours of flights that JetSmarter has pre-purchased. The app currently has thousands of members with hundreds of thousand of non-members checking the app over three times a day.

A Variety of Options for Members

This new app gives flyers options. There are over 3,000 airplanes to pick from with prices and availability from over 800 private flight companies across the country. Members have two flight options to choose from, the first is for last-minute one-way flights. Second, they can choose a JetShuttle which is a scheduled flight between two major cities.

Investment Funding and Brand Recognition

The JetSmarter app has received over $20 million in funding this year, all from high profile customers like Jay-Z and members of the Saudi Royal Family. The company originally launched in 2013 and during it’s own growth has watched two of its competitors close. This has seen founder Sergey Petrossov pursue investors that will also double as brand ambassadors.

Creating More Private Air Travel Options in the Future

JetSmarter isn’t competing with private airlines, it’s competing with the major airlines to make all air travel private. This ambitious 20 to 30 year long-term goal involves the increased use of efficient aircraft and technological advancements in sharing tools. This app has been able to promote flights that are similar in price to commercial first-class, while being more reliable, and allowing you to bypass a lot of the hustle and bustle of airport terminals. If you have your own private jet or fleet to manage, call Avion Insurance to discuss your best options.

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