Romantic Vacation Destinations Around the World

Jan 26, 2016

With the most romantic holiday just around the corner, it can be fun to dream about what gorgeous destination to visit with your special someone. When you have access to your own private plane, the world is your oyster. Go big this year and bring your love to one of the most romantic places on Earth.


Florence, Italy

Florence is a gorgeous place to visit any time of year, but it is known to be one of the most romantic cities. After exploring the museums and eating at the amazing restaurants, watching the sunset from one of Florence’s famed hotel balconies could be the perfect way to end your Valentine’s Day. Be sure to sample some luxuriant Italian wine to get the mood just right.


Bali, Indonesia

If you and your loved one enjoy warm weather and tropical surroundings, Bali is the Valentine’s Day destination for you. Staying in the 70s and 80s through February, you can spend your day-and night if you please-hanging out by the beach or pool. The incredible architecture and beautiful scenery will be sure to inspire thoughts of romance all through your vacation in Bali.


Mount Pilatus, Switzerland

If a snowy scene is cozy to you and your love, you may wish to consider spending your romantic vacation on Mount Pilatus in the Swiss Alps. Just coming in over the Alps is breathtaking and incredibly romantic. Lunch on top of the mountain is an experience to remember. You can also snuggle during an aerial cable car ride down the mountain and enjoy the sites and atmosphere of beautiful Switzerland. Don’t forget to indulge in some decadent Swiss chocolate to cap off your day.


Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii’s most secluded island, Kauai can give you and your favorite person some time away from the hustle and bustle and let you bask in one another’s company. The dazzling waterfalls, mountains, and tropical vegetation all make for incredibly romantic sites. Hiking through the mountains or lounging on the beach can set the scene for your perfect Valentine’s Day.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

The tango was born in Buenos Aires, which is a perfect expression of the energy of the city. The bustling destination is rife with exciting nightlife and wonderfully romantic restaurants. The historic buildings lit up at night are a site to behold. There are also plenty of shops and boutiques to get your Valentine the perfect gift. The temperature is generally in the mid to high 70s through February, so you can enjoy all the romance of the city in comfort.

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