4 Perks of Owning Your Own Plane

Jul 29, 2016
Owning your own plane can be expensive and comes with a lot of initial work, but can be worth the time and trouble for those that love to fly. There is nothing that can make you feel freer than having your own plane available for use at any time. If you are thinking about purchasing a plane, the following are a few perks that may help influence your decision.

Perk One

Saves Flight Time and Airport Frustrations

Flying commercial comes with a wealth of frustrations. You must arrive at the airport several hours before departure, wait in line to check bags, wait in line to go through security, and wait in an area that is usually lacking in comfort and amenities. Arriving at your destination may also be fraught with frustrations as you wait to get off the plane and then scramble to find a cab to take you to your destination. Flying private allows you to avoid many of these time consuming complications. You can arrive at the FBO or private airport just a few minutes before your scheduled departure and there is no worry about missing the flight if you are late. There are no lines to worry about and no TSA searching you or your bags. If you decide to arrive early, FBOs and private airports usually have fabulous accommodations and amenities.

Perk Two

Can Save Money If You Fly Frequently

Airplane ownership comes with many costs, but these costs are defrayed if you use the plane frequently. Yearly, you will need to pay for aircraft insurance, maintenance, and hangar fees. You will also need to purchase the plane, requiring either a large upfront cost or periodic payments. When you fly, however, you only need to pay for fuel, which is usually much less than the cost of a commercial flight. If you fly frequently enough, you can make up the other costs with this savings per flight.

Perk Three

Last Minute Flights Are Not a Problem

When you own a plane, you can decide on a whim to fly wherever you want, whenever you want. If you wish to bring family or friends with you, you are limited only by the capacity of your plane. This is much easier than trying to book a last minute commercial flight, particularly if you will not be traveling alone. In some cases, there may not be enough seats left and the tickets will always be much cheaper than if you book in advance.

Perk Four

Trips Are More Enjoyable

One of the main reasons that most people purchase planes is because they love the act of flying. If you love to take the wheel and fly the plane, there is no comparison between owning a plane and flying commercial. The view of the sky and areas that you are flying over is much better from the cockpit than a seat on a commercial aircraft. The whole flight is yours to control, so you can make it much more enjoyable than a commercial flight. If you are considering purchasing an aircraft, give us a call today to discuss insurance options.

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