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What is in-flight insurance?

The unexpected is inevitable, and having in-flight insurance can protect you in the case of something unexpected occurring. It was created with the intention of covering anything that could happen during takeoff, landing, or during the flight in a private jet.

What are some common things covered by in-flight insurance?

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It’s important to ensure that your aircraft is insured at all times, whether it’s in a hangar, moving on the ground, or in the air. Private jet owners will need several different types of insurance policies to cover each portion of an aircraft’s journey. In-flight insurance specifically covers the aircraft during flight.

Damages to the aircraft during takeoff

Takeoff and landing are the most dangerous parts of the flight. When a plane is closer to the ground, there is less time to respond to an emergency. There may be other planes also taking off on a runway nearby, increasing the risk of a collision. Having insurance helps protect you in the instance of a takeoff collision.

Damage that occurs during flight

While the damage that occurs during a flight is less likely to happen, it’s important that you are still covered if any unforeseen weather conditions cause turbulence and affect your private jet charter.

Damage to the aircraft during landing

When a plane lands, they fly at a high velocity of speed. There is a risk of mechanical failure or even a bird strike. If any of these conditions occur, the jet could be damaged or end up crashing unexpectedly. Private aircraft insurance will help protect jet flyers in these instances.

What is not covered by in-flight insurance?

Sometimes there are things that are not fully covered by in-flight insurance. This particular type of policy, for example, doesn’t cover your passengers for anything that might happen during the flight. There’s a separate passenger liability insurance policy for that.

Who needs in-flight insurance?

a private jet owner standing in front of his aircraft

Many countries will not allow your private jet to land without insurance. In the United States, however, insurance isn’t necessarily required like it is elsewhere in the world. However, FBOs generally do not allow private jet owners to use their services if they are uninsured. Therefore, if you are the owner or a part-owner of a private jet, you’ll need to be fully insured in order to make full use of your aircraft.

International flights require insurance

Insurance is always required for international flights. If you travel abroad and have an emergency crisis, your insurance can help cover any expenses you incur abroad. It is required to operate any jet and helps cover you so you are less at risk for financial liability.

FBOs require insurance

Fixed-base operators, or FBOs, require insurance. This isn’t a federal mandate, however, FBOs will need passengers to have liability and aircraft hull insurance should any unexpected damages occur.

How much in-flight insurance do you need?

You’ll want to consider how much it would cost to repair or even replace your private jet in the event of damage occurring in-flight. Your in-flight insurance should cover a high enough dollar amount that you won’t be out of pocket for repairs should they become necessary.

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