Honeywell and Wood Set to Launch a Technology to Aid in Making Sustainable Aviation Fuel

New technology launching to improve production of SAF
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Oct 1, 2021
Honeywell International Inc and Wood have announced the launch of a technology that will help companies reduce carbon intensity during sustainable aviation fuel production. This has coincided with an announcement from the White House that it is targeting 20% lower aviation emissions by the year 2030.

Production targets

The existing production of sustainable aviation fuel is far below the 20% target. This has led to skepticism as to whether the sustainable aviation fuel market can hit that goal post. The production would have to reach 3 billion gallons to satisfy the 20% mark.

The new sustainable aviation fuel production technology

Sustainable aviation fuel production uses feedstocks to produce fuel. That’s where Honeywell and Wood are set to come in with their new technology. The new process being launched by the partnered companies will use Honeywell’s production processing and Wood’s hydrogen plant technology. According to Ben Owens, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Sustainable Technology Solutions, “The current generations of fats, oils, and greases will max out at some point.” This means that new feedstocks will need to be made that will further improve the sustainable aviation fuel production process. This is due to the fact that there are a finite amount of feedstocks that can be used. The hope is, however, that the Honeywell and Wood technology will improve the production process enough to reach the 20% lower aviation emissions by 2030 target set out by the White House.

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