4 Amazing Fall Getaways in America

Sep 27, 2016
Fall is a great time to pack your belongings into your aircraft and take to the air to visit some gorgeous places in the United States. The perfect crispness in the air and the breathtaking leaf change that happens through the fall months make it where even the most familiar places will become stunning works of art for a time. Make sure that your aviation insurance needs are taken care of, and then set off to one of the following destinations to enjoy the best of the season.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster, Pennsylvania will make you feel like you have stepped back in time when you visit in the fall. Orchards offer apple picking, corn mazes make for a bit of thrilling delight, and farmers’ markets let you taste the seasons’ best. The strong Amish presence and the many antique shops in the area will also make you feel like you have time traveled to another century.

Sedona, Arizona

Arizona may not be on the list of must-visit spots for fall foliage, but it has a unique desert charm that accentuates the beauty of the leaves that are changing. The spot is thought to have a spiritual energy that draws many to the area, particularly during the Halloween season. The vortexes of energy in the area are thought to be good for mediation and there are many local gift shops based on this premise. Whether you visit for the energy or the view, flying into Sedona will make your autumn.

Salem, Massachusetts

Massachusetts is known for having some of the most beautiful fall foliage in the country and flying into Salem can really give you an eyeful. Salem is the site of the witch trials of colonial America, so it has become a haven for those that practice witchcraft and believe in spiritual practices. During the autumn months, Salem kicks into high gear and becomes a huge tourist attraction. Whether you truly believe in these things or simply wish to be a fly on the wall and witness the wacky costumes and customs, be sure to check out Salem in the fall at least once in your lifetime.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is beautiful to visit at any time of year, but seeing the colorful foliage frame the mountains under the big sky as you fly in can drum up a childlike sense of wonder. The crowds are usually a little thinner in the fall and there are festivals such as Oktoberfest to entertain you while you stay in the area. The weather turns wintry in a hurry, so either visit early or plan on enjoying the snow if you visit closer to Halloween. Before setting out on your autumn adventures, give us a call at 800-780-9201 and make sure that all of your aviation insurance needs are taken care of.

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