Combined Single Limit Insurance

CSL Insurance

Insure all passengers and anyone in the vicinity of your aircraft. Protect all people and property in the event of an accident.

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Insure passengers and others

While it’s important to insure your aircraft, it’s not the only thing that could be damaged in the event of an accident. Passengers, people in the vicinity, and property nearby could all be harmed. CSL insurance will help you to protect yourself financially should such an accident occur.

What is CSL insurance?

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CSL insurance is Combined Single Limit insurance and it combines public liability insurance and passenger liability insurance into one policy.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is the policy that covers any damage done to people or property outside of your aircraft by your aircraft. For example, if your jet collided with the wall of the hangar while taxiing, your public liability insurance would cover the damage. If someone who was not a passenger was injured due to your aircraft, then public liability insurance would also cover that.

What is passenger liability insurance?

Passenger liability insurance is an insurance policy that covers the passengers you may have on your aircraft. This type of insurance would cover any medical costs should a passenger be injured on your aircraft, whether it’s due to turbulence or because of an accident. Passenger liability insurance should also cover any claims made by family members should a passenger pass away in an accident involving your aircraft.

What is the difference between CSL insurance and passenger or public liability insurance?

It’s possible to take out two separate policies and maintain both passenger liability insurance and public liability insurance. However, that would mean that you would also have two separate limits. CSL insurance combines these two policies into one and offers more flexibility. For example, if an accident occurred and passengers were injured but only a little bit of property damage occurred. The small amount of property damage might not meet your limit on the public liability insurance policy by itself, but would when combined with the passenger liability insurance for the CSL policy.

What is the difference between passenger liability insurance and public liability insurance?

Passenger liability insurance covers your passengers and is typically sold on a per-seat basis, meaning that the amount of passenger liability insurance you’ll need depends on the size of your aircraft. Public liability insurance, on the other hand, covers third-party claims and is sold on an amount-per-incident basis.

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Who needs CSL insurance?

It’s not illegal in the United States for your aircraft to be uninsured, but it’s still recommended that you have insurance so that you are protected financially should an accident occur. Your insurance policies will need to include the following:

Passenger liability insurance

Passenger liability insurance

Cover passengers riding in the plane while the policy holder is operating it.

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

Cover damages that occur to third-party entities and property.

In-flight insurance

In-flight insurance

Cover damages sustained while the plane is in motion.

Ground risk hull insurance

Ground risk hull insurance

Cover damages sustained while it is on the ground but not in motion.

CSL insurance covers two of those, but whether it’s a better choice for you over having two separate passenger and public liability insurance policies depends on your insurance needs and your aircraft.

How much CSL insurance do you Need?

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CSL insurance typically as a specific limit per accident, which means that how much insurance you need is also calculated on a per-accident basis. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take into account the size of your aircraft and the number of passengers it can hold. Passenger liability insurance is calculated on a per-seat basis and, the more passengers you can have, the larger a CSL policy you’ll need.

You may need aviation insurance for international travel

Even though the United States doesn’t require aviation insurance, other countries might. If you want to travel internationally, you’ll either need to make sure that you’re fully insured or only travel where it’s not required.

FBOs may require aviation insurance

Despite the lack of a federal requirement for aviation insurance in the US, you’ll still need it if you’d like to take advantage of the services of an FBO. Most, if not all, FBOs require that aircraft are completely insured.

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