Collins Aerospace Introduces Secant Luminous Panel for Aircraft Ceilings

A new customization option is on the horizon for private aircraft owners
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Nov 8, 2021
If you own a private jet, chances are you spend a significant number of hours in it each year. This means you want to be comfortable in your aircraft’s cabin. Luckily, Collins Aerospace has introduced a luminous ceiling projection to make the perfect custom touches to your aircraft for a more personalized and immersive cabin experience. While originally introduced for use in commercial aviation, private business jet owners can also purchase and implement this lighting system in their aircraft.

How It Works

The Secant Luminous Panel is a lighting display that can be incorporated into the interior body and ceiling panels. These panels can then be used to display any custom imaging from branding and advertisements to images that enhance the ambience of the cabin. This lighting system uses uLEDs, also known as Ultra LED. The displays come together using white, RGB, and RBG+W uLED clusters to project the chosen imagery.

Finalists in the Materials & Components Category

The Secant Luminous Panel was a finalist in the Materials & Components category by Cyrstal Cabin. This technology not only adds visual appeal but also improves functionality. For example, this lighting can be used to adjust the lighting in a cabin and aid with sleep during long or overnight flights.

Introduces Many Possible Uses

This lighting display system can be used for both the interior body of the cabin and along the ceiling panels. While it can be used as a portion of the cabin lighting, it can also be used to further brand the aircraft. Alternatively, it can be used to enhance the look of the cabin, including not only still images but videos as well. While this technology can be simply used for extra lighting, it offers an exciting new way for private jet owners to further customize their aircraft.

Secant Luminous Panel Among Other New & Exciting Aircraft Tech

While Collins Aerospace’s Secant Luminous Panel is impressive on its own, it comes at a time when many other new technologies are being introduced for use in aircraft. Among these new innovations in aviation technology and design are:
  • Inflight Entertainment & Connectivity’s Autostereoscopic Full 3-D Video Screen
  • Rockwell Collins’ Valkyrie Bed Featuring a Roll-Up Full-Size Mattress
  • PriestmanGood’s QSuite Designed for Qatar Airways

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