Bombardier Reveals Launch of Certified Pre-Owned Program—Giving Buyers a Like-New Experience

Bombardier is capitalizing on private aircraft demand with new pre-owned program.
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Aug 31, 2021

On July 6, 2021, Bombardier announced the launch of the Bombardier Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft Program. The new program provides a like-new buying experience with a one-year warranty, careful inspection, and quality updates among other benefits. This move was made to enhance the pre-owned market experience and likely to pull in customers to work directly with Bombardier rather than a third party.

Buyers can shop the existing listings of pre-owned aircraft or sign-up to receive notifications when an aircraft that meets their specifications becomes available. The program will focus solely on selling Learjet, Challenger, and Global jets. Currently, there is only one pre-owned jet available through the program, but since launch, the program has sold at least nine aircraft to date.

Key Takeaways

  • Bombardier’s new Certified Pre-Owned Program provides a like-new experience to buyers of Learjet, Challenger, and Global jets through their program.
  • The program provides similar benefits to the purchase of a new aircraft, including a one-year warranty, upgrades, and enrollment in Smart Services.
  • Bombardier has launched this program during a time when only 5% of the world’s private jet fleet is available for purchase in an effort to capitalize on demand.

Making Quality More Accessible

Purchase of a pre-owned jet is generally going to be cheaper than the purchase of a new jet of the same model. But, pre-owned usually doesn’t come with the benefits of purchasing a brand new aircraft. Bombardier’s Certified Pre-Owned Aircraft Program is changing that.

A Bombardier Certified Pre-owned aircraft provides buyers with the highest quality pre-owned product, equipped with the latest safety and cabin enhancements–while providing the new aircraft delivery experience customers are looking for.

Chris Milligan, Vice president of Pre-Owned Aircraft Services at Bombardier

The new Certified Pre-Owned Program includes the following benefits:
  • Meticulous selection and inspection process
  • Factory upgrades included
  • Enrollment in Smart Services
  • Exclusive manufacturer one-year warranty
  • Equipped with the latest improvement in reliability
  • Complimentary deep cleaning and sanitization
  • Fully refurbished interior (in some pre-owned aircraft)
  • A fresh coat of Matterhorn white paint

The Strategy Behind the Program

This program didn’t come from the kindness of Bombardier’s heart, however. With demand for private jets on the rise, Bombardier saw a gap in the market and jumped on it. There is currently a shortage of available aircraft. Where there is normally 10% of the world’s private jet fleet available for purchase, that number is down to just 5% according to the International Aircraft Dealers Association.

Bombardier’s Certified Pre-owned aircraft program is capitalizing on a resilient market where supply still hasn’t caught up with demand. With so many new prospective buyers on the market, Bombardier can fulfill this demand and harness our world-renowned product knowledge, refurbishment capabilities and valuation know-how.

– Jean-Christophe Gallagher, Executive Vice President of Services and Support at Bombardier

A Brighter Future for the Pre-Owned Aircraft Market

Pre-owned aircraft programs are nothing new. Textron Aviation, the manufacturer of Cessna, has Pre-Owned Direct and Gulfstream has a pre-owned department without the bells and whistles Textron Aviation offers. Bombardier’s new pre-owned program is a stand-out due to the like-new benefits it provides customers. The question is: Will this sway would-be buyers of Gulfstream, Textron Aviation, and other manufacturers to work with Bombardier instead?

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