Types of Aviation Insurance

Learn about six of the most important aircraft-related insurance products that help protect pilots, aircraft owners, mechanics, and those involved in an aircraft accident.
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May 19, 2015
In the world of aviation insurance, there are several different options available to customers depending upon their needs and wishes. Each type of insurance offers a very specific type of coverage and it is important to understand the differences between each type. Many people have thought that they had coverage only to find out that their policy did not cover that specific type of accident. For this reason, it is best to talk with a qualified aviation insurance agent who will help you distinguish between the different types of insurance and answer any questions you may have about your potential policies.

In-Flight Insurance

This is a type of aviation insurance that covers a plane for damages sustained while the plane is in motion.  Other insurance policies do not necessarily cover any damages sustained during motion and so it is very important to understand what this covers and what it does not in order to determine if this type of policy will work for you. It is typically the most expensive type of insurance since most accidents happen in the period that it covers.

Ground Risk Hull (Non-Motion) Insurance

This type of insurance covers a plane for damages sustained while it is on the ground but not in motion. This would include damages from crime, natural disasters, animals, and uninsured aircraft occurring when the plane is grounded and not in motion. Some examples of potential causes of damages covered by ground risk hull non-motion insurance are:





Animal damage

Damage from uninsured vehicles or aircraft

Ground Risk Hull (Motion) Insurance

This type of insurance is similar to GRH non-motion insurance except that it covers damages sustained while the plane is on the ground and in motion. This typically includes damages sustained during take off and taxi.

Public Liability Insurance

This type of coverage is usually mandated by law in many places. It provides insurance for damages that occur to third-party entities and property. Most places require that you demonstrate an ability to pay for damages that you cause while operating a plane. This type of coverage does not pay for damage done to the plane or to passengers in the plane.

Passenger Liability Insurance

This type of coverage can also be mandated for certain types of pilots and planes and provides insurance for any passengers riding in the plane while the policy holder is operating it. Passenger liability insurance provides money for injuries and final expenses in the event of a fatality.

Combined Single Limit

Combined single limit (CSL) coverage is a bundled policy that includes both public liability and passenger liability insurance. This type of coverage has a set limit per payout per accident. If you have questions about aviation insurance, call or stop by Avion Insurance today. Their experienced and knowledgeable staff will help you with anything you might need in regards to your aviation insurance policies.

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