Airport Delays Increase Demand for Private Jets

Commercial flight delays and cancellations increase business travel’s private jet needs
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Aug 8, 2022

No one likes airport delays, whether they’re flying first class or commercial. This is one of the major benefits of flying private; security is much faster and you don’t have to arrive at your gate hours in advance like you do for commercial flights. The commercial aviation industry has been experiencing disruptions first due to COVID-19 and now because of increased demand that many airlines weren’t prepared for as pandemic travel restrictions have eased.

The delays and cancellations that are occurring with commercial airlines have pushed many who can afford them to turn to private jets instead.

Business Travel Turning to Private Jets

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Business travel, in particular, is starting to use private jets more and more. This is because businesses can’t afford to have business travel disrupted. If someone is flying for business, they typically have a strict schedule they need to follow and a delay at the airport will cause them to miss important meetings or a conference. Business travel can’t absorb delays like travel for pleasure can.

For this reason, many companies that previously relied on commercial flights are investing in private jets.

Why Are There Delays with Commercial Air Travel?

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The COVID-19 pandemic shut down many flights and airlines had to downsize, cancel flights, turn to cargo shipping, and more to compensate for the lack of travelers. In 2022, however, the restrictions from the pandemic began to ease and people started to travel again. However, many airlines didn’t have the staff anymore to run as many flights as they had pre-pandemic. This resulted in disruptions, delays, and cancellations as commercial airlines tried to increase their flights to meet the new demand but didn’t have enough pilots or other crew to handle it.

Increased Demand for Private Jets

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Private jet manufacturers like Bombardier are finding that there is now a greater demand for their aircraft. It’s not just wealthy individuals and corporations purchasing their own private jets, either. There’s also been an increase in the demand for private jet charters. This means that private jet charter companies may also be purchasing more aircraft to meet the growing demand.

Is the Increased Demand for Private Jets Temporary?

Private jet manufacturers believe that the increased demand for private jet travel isn’t likely to decrease, even as commercial airlines resolve their staffing and scheduling issues. Companies and individuals who can afford to fly private but hadn’t prior to the pandemic now are projected to continue to use private jets into the future.

What Are the Benefits of Flying Private?

Whether you own a private jet or charter one on-demand, private jet travel eliminates much of the waiting that can occur with commercial travel. Private jets leave on your schedule rather than that of the airline, which makes them ideal for business travelers who are on a tight schedule and can’t afford a delay. Plus, they can get you to your destination faster because there are no layovers.


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