4 Tips for Repairing Airplane Damage

Oct 10, 2020
A damaged aircraft can be disheartening and maybe even scary if the damage occurred while in flight. Getting an aircraft repaired is a little different than getting an automobile repaired. It’s important to understand how to get your aircraft repaired quickly while following the proper procedures so that you can be back in the air as quickly and safely as possible.

Tip One

File an Aircraft Insurance Claim

Aircraft insurance may cover the costs of repairs, so filing a claim as soon as possible may save you money. When filing the claim, you will need a copy of the registration, a copy of the logbook pages showing the date of the most recent inspection, and information about the pilot if the damage occurred while in flight. Photographs of the damage may also help with the insurance assessment.

Tip Two

Call an FAA Certified Mechanic

FAA certified mechanics are often available on call. Since an airplane is not as easy to move as a car, many aircraft mechanics will travel to damaged planes, even on nights and weekends. This may be your best option if you notice damage during a pre-flight inspection or if damage is spotted during an inspection. The ability levels of mechanics may vary, so there is a possibility that the first mechanic that you deal with my refer you to another mechanic if the damage is extensive or complicated to fix.

Tip Three

Have the Damage Repaired at the Airport

Airports have mechanics on site that are able to at least do minor repairs. If your aircraft is hangared at an airport or if the damage is sustained during the flight to an airport, the best option for repairs will usually be the airport mechanics. If you hangar your aircraft at an airport, you may even receive maintenance and repair discounts or packages that will make it less costly to repair your aircraft.

Tip Four

Have the Plane Ferried or Flown for Repairs

If damage to your aircraft is more extensive or severe than what an airport is able to handle or what a traveling mechanic can fix, it may be necessary to use a ferry or to have it flown on a larger plane to another location. Repairs may require equipment that is not easy to transport to fix a plane. While this may be somewhat inconvenient, it may be the best way to ensure that your plane is safe for flight and that damages have been completely repaired. If your aircraft has been damaged, call an aircraft insurance agent for more tips about the best way to have the damage repaired.

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