7 Coolest Jet Features

Top-of-the-line features for all private jet price ranges
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Dec 16, 2020
The same large private jet that costs an average of $13,000 per hour to rent will cost you up to $90 million to buy. Besides the convenience of avoiding the middle seat and dealing with delays or layovers at a commercial airport, what makes these jets so expensive? Let’s take a peek inside some of the most luxurious interior offerings for private jets.

Feature #1

Entertainment Suites

On long flights, you’ll need a way to pass the time. With a built-in entertainment suite, you can use the newest technology to screen movies or play video games. The Gulfstream G650 is a great option if you’re looking for top-of-the-line entertainment features.
  • entertainment suite with tv and seating on private jet
  • Entertainment suite in private jet main cabin
  • Entertainment suite

Feature #2

Master Bedrooms

Many private jets are outfitted with sleeping quarters to accommodate redeye flights or extended travel. These often aren’t just a full out bed but rather an entire queen or king with a hotel-style setup. Think en-suite master bathrooms with walk-in showers. This isn’t necessarily a standard feature but is often a customization option offered by major private jet manufacturers.
  • Bedroom on private jet
  • Master bedroom on private jet
  • Beige master bedroom

Feature #3

Full-Service Kitchens

With a full-service kitchen and a private chef on board, you can have any meal your heart desires prepared for you. Kitchen features on private jets are generally customizable to your specifications and needs. You can expect to find ovens, sinks, fridges, and even espresso machines on board.

Feature #4

Dining Rooms

Traditional airline seating isn’t known for its comfort or dining features. But, with a private jet, you get the benefits of custom dining seating with luxury and comfort in mind. Whether you’re looking for a standard four-chair set-up or a dining hall sized table to seat twelve, you’ll be able to pin down the specifications you need when purchasing a private jet.
  • Dining room with fish tank on private jet
  • Dining room space on private jet
  • Dining room variation on private jet

Feature #5

Wellness Centers

If you’re worried about finding time to workout while traveling around the world on your private jet, you now have a solution. Onboard fitness equipment is trending up in private jet amenities. Options tend to veer toward lightweight cycling equipment. If you don’t want to cycle, you can have your personal trainer design a program for you to try while flying using minimal equipment. In fact, you could have them travel with you for in-flight, in-person instruction.

Feature #6

Smartphone-Controlled Technology

Control the lights and temperature within your private jet with smartphone-controlled technology. This is a convenient and trendy addition for any private jet. It offers WiFi at an affordable price without adding much weight to the plane.
  • Technology on private jet
  • Technology on private jet

Feature #7

Conference Rooms and Meeting Suites

If you’re purchasing a private jet for your company, conference rooms and meeting suites are a bonus. This can make meetings on the go easy with a room designed for presentations and discussions around a built-in conference table. Keep your in-flight board room equipped with the latest technology. Private jet conference rooms usually come with Wi-Fi, large screens, and satellite phones. But, if you have more extensive needs for your meeting space you can design it to your standards using customization options offered by manufacturers. A go-to business jet with advanced technology in all conference rooms is the Airbus A319 CJ.
  • Desk and meeting space
  • Private jet conference room

Personalized Private Jet Features

Entertainment suite of Kyoto airship The sky and your budget are the only limits with customization options for your private jet. The designers and owners behind these jets had specifications and requests that are nearly unbelievable.

Kyoto Airship

This eastern-inspired private jet includes large vertical windows and skylights. This is a first for private jet design. While smaller aircraft have been designed to include skylights, the Kyoto Airship is the first of large, pressurized cabins to display this feature.

Hollywood Airship

This executive jet converted from an airliner is thoroughly themed as 1930’s Tinseltown. Inside are features like the Cloud Club, an art deco bar in the sky. All of the features as complete with marble accents. Designed and provided as a customization option by Embraer, buyers can decide how much (or how little) of Tinseltown they’d like added into their new jet. To get this completely themed private jet you’ll need an Embraer Lineage 1000E coming in at around $53 million then the addition of the custom features coming in at $30 million for a grand total of $83 million.
  • View of bar and seating in hollywood airship
  • Windows on Hollywood Airship
  • Bar space on Hollywood Airship
  • Entertainment suite on Hollywood Airship

Custom Boeing 747 Owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud

This $500 million private jet is owned by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud of the Saudi Royal Family, owner of Kingdom Holding, a billion-dollar investment company. His Boeing 747 was completely customized to adhere to his specific tastes. This three-story private jet is complete with a concert hall, lifts, a grand staircase, and a wellbeing room that projects the scenery below live on a screen. This wellbeing room also pumps scented breezes into the room. Buying a jet isn’t a simple process, but it’s also something you’ll be doing far less frequently than car shopping. To ensure you’re keeping your multi-million dollar asset protected, you’ll need the best aviation insurance. Contact us to learn more.

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